Characters of the Armikorg



Voice: Michael J. Nelson

A Space Explorer, Was scent on a Mission to search for P-tonium when his home Planet Ixen is in Danger of fear of dying out and be wipe out of all humankind of his people and after his Brothers Vognaut and Numnaut disappeared, so he's the only left brave enough to go to Planet Spiro 5 to find the P-tonium and along with his Friend Beak-Beak as his Travelling companion to help Tom on his Journey. Can Carry Items in his Hollow Chest just stick throw his skin (Like Klaymen from The NeverHood). Work Switches after finding lavers, and Drive a Carrying Cart.



Voice: Rob Paulson

An Eyeless Talking Alien Dog, with a Head like a Bird. Is TommyNaut's Friend and Partner in the game. He Went with Tommynaut to help find the P-tonium. Can be helpful when can't get to areas that are to high to fly or holes are too small to fit through. Beak-Beak Can Fly only eating the Insect thing to give him wings, Holes are not a problem for him, still amazed that can find he's way and back knowing he's color blind but knows to follow the tunnels. When finding Items on the ground can pick them up with his mouth and puke it out when give them to TommyNaut. Can also turn on Power Switches and Stand on Pressure pats down.



Voice: Charlotte Schofield

An abandoned baby girl, who was left under a skin rug after her mother, Meva, hid her there for safety during Vognaut''s attack. She was later discovered by Tommynaut and Beak-Beak, who brought her with them to take care of her. When crying out, she can be calmed by some toy animals on a ring with music that have to put in order to work. When she's happy she burps green crystals called P-Tonium. She doesn't grow or require food to survive. She my have a Secret on her and the Evil Invader is after her for a reason.

Vognaut and Evil VognautEdit


Voice: Jon Heder

Was the Oldest Brother of Numnaut and Tommynaut. One of the Best and Bravest Astronauts to take on any task then anyone. And notice not a friendly looking character. He went to get the P-Tonium himself and not come back. The Later part lights went dark. Vognaut became some Mutant Monster and strange who and how he became like that. Now he's called Evil Nognaut. And he was the Invader came to Armikrog and try take P's P-Tonium by using the Exactor Machine the cruel way.



Voice: Eddie Fantastic

Tommynaut's and Vognauts Brother. A friendly and Funny character. Numnaut, just like his brothers, is an Astronaut himself, having being sent on a same mission to find the P-Tonium and then got lost somewhere. Somewhere still alive and near radio to hope someone come find him.

Tzurk (Father)Edit


Voice: Bob Baffy

P's Father and Husband of Mother. Creator of their fortress Armikrog, Create by Science and Magic, with help of his wife. was Kill by the Invader when he try defend his family. Now as a Ghost to give Instructions when came across his statues of him anywhere in the game.

Meva (Mother)Edit


Voice: Veronica Belmont

P's Mom and Wife to Father. A Beautiful and smart woman, been a good partner of helping Father build Armikorg. When attacked and her husband get killed first. She hide her baby under rug hope for return or someone kind will find her. Went to a Transporter Machine to escape and till blast it by the Invader's gun. She appears as a glowing line ghost end of the game.



Voice: Rob Paulson

Ant Alien insects with each President Personlities. One Ant as Abraham Lincoln, one as George Washington and one as Theodore Roosevelt. When came close by to their Pod Doors.