Hair BeastEdit


a Huge Monster living in the Land of Spiro 5. Very hairy with four eyes. A meat eater that eats anything can catch. Uses it's Worm like Tongue to lur and trap prey with. Look outside at the enterance at the begining of the game to see them out there and hunts the wheelies.



Creatures head of Birds with wheel for legs. A Prey for the Hair Beast and cleaner uppers of eating Hair Beast Poop.

Winged CreaturesEdit


Strange shape birds with feathered wings hover the skies over Spiro 5 and Armikrog. Look like they don't do much but fapping and hanging. To Get there feather for PresidAnt George Washington so can finish signing his document. needed the Machine that shoots a Claw to reach one after setup the control panel with a right setting.



Alien Octopus hanging on ceilings, useful has Elevators to go up and down levels of the tower by riding their tentacles. Also talks but some speak funny that does not make scents but last one glowing can speak clearly, tells the story what happen in Armikrog. Also Kept parts of Machines they can offer you to use.

Square CreaturesEdit


Orange and Yellow animal shape like a Square and other can be tall. Can use them as stairways to get to areas that you can't reach. Can push them back and forth to position them in place.