Story Plot

In a far away Galaxy....The People lived on a Planet called "Ixen". Living in Peace and work together, everything was wonderful and live Inharmony. till then disaster came when the Planet is low on energy power, and fear the planet will die and everyone will die with it if they don't find a new energy to keep the planet going. The only answer is P-tonium say by the Wise Man amon the people, is the very most powerful energy crystals of the Universe, say that can last forever for Eternity. He selected he's best astronauts, is the two named Vognaut and Numnaut. But they never came back after been scent to look for the P-Tonium. Only chance left, is their brother named "Tommynaut", to go find the crystals to save his home for being destoryed. He Take his ship and bast off to Planet "Spiro 5". He has a faithful sidekick and bestest friend named "Beak-Beak" to help him on the trip. Think they's Ace in space? While travelling through space, is an space rock or asteroid came crashing their ship and to lose control of the driving. They crash landed Spiro 5 seconds later. Tommynaut almost out cold during the crash but awakes by Beak-Beak. They're lucky they survived it, but this ship is not, damaged, unrapaired and no way back home. Sad Their Pod-insurance will not cover it said Beak- Beak. Then out of nowhere is a worm creature with eyes came and stare at them and Tommynaut wonders what it could be, Till second it wipe around Tommy's legs, pull him out of his ship and too the ground. wasn't long to get an answer to look where the rest of the worm, only it's a tongue of a Hair Beast and it just got him as his prey. Beak-Beak try get Tommy's hand but Beast pulls him in fast and dragging Tommynaut across the dirt like a fishing reel. Fast thinking Tommy got a rock to hang on to. Beak-beak try get his beak like mouth out of the ground by turning clockwise. The Beast try pulling very hard to get Tommynaut to let go, but Tommy kept strong long enough time for Beak-Beak to rush over and for Tom to toss Beak's the Insect out of his chest. Beak-Beak come jumping and ate the bug to give him wings to fly. Beak-Beak came swopping down and cut the Beast tongue. Tommynaut was freed and the two make their escape by Beak-Beak carry him, alomst got chomp by the monster. Later they fly to a wall with a big door. The doort opens it's as they landed. Tommy was not sure at first to go in, forced him when Beast came after them again, rushes inside and closed door to safty. Close call and while Inside this strange forttress they never been before, wonder what place is. The way through the place begins. Before going further, came across a statue (look like Father and find more of him in the game) a Ghost appears to them, tell them he's been waiting for their arrive to help and what to do to find away through Armikrog. Along through passages and levels of the place, meeting strange creatures on their way, and how to work switches and buttons to open doors. They came across in a room, finding peices broken on the floor and a hole in the ceiling. Wondered how it happen here tlll a cry from under the rug. Tommynaut look under it to find a Baby named "P" was all alone for sometime. He picks him her up and calm her down with a funny nosies, makes her smile to him and trusted him for caring her. Don't know what to do with her and knowing can not leave her alone anymore she as been. Tommy and Beak-Beak take P along with them on their Journey through Armikrog and till find a place where she belongs. Tommy kept P in his Pouch in his chest to be safe (hope she can breath in there). But till she starts crying out for him sometime later through the game, Tommynaut has toys that he had with him as well in his special pouch, and use them to calm her. P felt better and till a spark of light appear from her, appears a crystal (didn't know it's P-tonium) that she's reward them.....Till mean while, Light dims and someone or something is stalking them. Tommynaut holds P close to him out of his pouch. He try look fro the stranger and held her one side as look diffrenet way. Then some Creep snatch P out of his hands. Surpise to see his brother Vognaut. But not look like himself as he remembers. Vognaut some Mutant Monster (don't know how that happen). Snard at Tommy and take off with P. It's up for the Heros go save her. Octovators while uses them to get up and down and give peices of a machines. They told about what happen here know they speak funny but expect the one glowing speaks english. Tells about the Mother and Father (by guess of the Glow Line images) was one day was a happy day as a big family, work hard in Armikorg and caring their Daughter P. Till an Invader (Vognaut) came through the ceiling. Glaring and rising his big claw hand, first try harm Mother, till Father came to defend his family but gets killed. Mother got enough time to hide P away in the Rug and into a teleportor machine to get away and hope to come back for her Baby. Evil Vognaut shoots and destoryed it by his gun (not sure Mother it out or just died), Then tells about a Machine that Vognaut gonna use to exract the P-tonium out of her. Father (last Ghost) fear for her Life and would not live during the prossess. Tommynaut came just in time and found P. But Evil Vognaut near controls and turns on the Exractor. Lucky Beak-Beak pulls the plug. Vog was outraged in anger and shot Beak-Beak out of existdents. Shock and Heartbreak of Tommy, Then got together to fight Vognaut. His Ray Gun went off and beam bounces the walls zig-zag till hits the Exractor. Baby P came flying in the air, Tommy catches her on the patlform. As Evil Vognaut about to fire at them, The Platform activated and beam them both to the Chamber earlier. Then P gave him the last Crystal to complete the Machine with all of them had collected. When complete, the line ghost figure of Mother appears, to thank him to save her Daughter and grand him a ride home. Seems Armikrog not just a forttress as it trasformtion into a Robot like Rocket to set off. Before take off, Evil Vognaut shows up again to fire again. Tommynaut pulls a switch that work the tubes, sucks Vog in tube and then outside through robot's bottom LOL. Evil Vognaut on the ground gets then steps on the robot's foot. Then finally blast off out of Spiro 5 and to space. Happy to get a ride home but sad Beak-Beak is gone. Mother Ghost surprise Tommynaut by revived Beak-Beak soul into a Hologram (like in Star Wars). Happy to be together again, then a radio call came in, it's the voice of Tommy's second Brother Numnaut is alive and ask for help. They change corst to pick him up before returning home. while view of robot turning around, see Evil Vognaut stuck flat under the Foot.